Spring 2019 Grants



Presentation of District Art Show- This grant helps provide funding for the annual art show; "Art Through the Ages"

Shepherd Hill

Incubator and Water Bath to Expand Microbiology Labs at the Hill- Funding to replace the unusable 1973 unit. The new unit will allow students to conduct safe experiments in relation to bacterial transformation, DNA, antibiotic resistance, among many others.

Awarded to Karen Lebeau  KARL STORZ named grant

Weight Room Transformation-  A new treadmill will be purchased, allowing the weightroom to be more user friendly and help implement new curriculum in PE classes.

Awarded to Nate Skermont    

Mason Road School

Little Lemons Show Choir- A Bluetooth speaker will be purchased and used for Show Choir performances, as well as rehearsals with DMS students.

Awarded to Stacey Lynch

Charlton Elementary

Innovative iPad Integration-  30 iPads will be purchased to help expand the number of devices to support students (Increasing the number from 30 to 60 iPads across the students) Funding also helps supports the Dudley Charlton Strategic Goals.

Awarded to Brooke Beverly & Lori Pacheco

Dudley Elementary

iPad Integration- funding to help replace technology that is no longer upgradeable. Awarded to Diane Seibold & Katrina Schmitt

Heritage School

Mindfulness & Yoga Parent and Child Program-  funding for the training of the program facilitator as well as the materials.

Awarded to  Pamela Walsh-Houghton

Lego WeDo 2.0-  funding to help implement new science standards in the classroom.

Awarded to Tina O’Donnell & Rachael Montville

Charlton Middle School

The Grizzly Store- 7th grade math students will receive materials needed to start a student run store.

Awarded to Kristie D’Arcangelo