Spring 2013 Grants


Presentation of District Art Show- This grant helps provide funding for the annual art show; "Art Through the Ages"

Shepherd Hill

Vivaldi Gloria performance- awarded to Connie Galli

Poetry Alive program- awarded to Karen Higgins

Tablets for Digital Editing and Drawing- awarded to Stephanie Lashua

Mason Road School

MIMIO- Hands-on Interactive Learning program- awarded to Lisa Brogna

Dudley Elementary

Creating an Outdoor Learning Environment- awarded to Anne McElroy

Community Health and Wellness Festival- awarded to Terri Caffelle & Marci Komssi

Charlton Elementary

Responsive Classroom Training- awarded to Lori Pacheco, Kathleen Pastore & Nancy Tully

Heritage School

Side-by-Side: a Child/Parent Paired Writing Project- awarded to Lorinda Allen, Carolyn Bates & Tina O’Donnell

Charlton Middle School

CMS Technology Education STEM Initiative- awarded to James Rawson

Dudley Middle School

Inclusion and Independence Laptop Learning Lab- awarded to Adrienne Schur

Integration of Computer-Based Tools for Analysis and Exploration- awarded to John Rulnick

DMS Organic Vegetable garden- awarded to John Paire

DMS Technology Education STEM Initiative- awarded to Sherri Hoffman

Titan Robotics program- awarded to Gregg Desto & Sherri Hoffman