The DCEF is offering grants to educators, with a $5,000 maximum individual award. Application deadline is (Due to the pandemic, our traditional grant program is suspended.  We apologize for any inconvenience.).

Grant ideas must reflect the goals of the DCEF:

  • Encourage and support innovative projects in teaching and learning that are consistent with district goals and that go beyond the scope of the regular school budget;

  • Provide students with learning experiences that encourage creative thought processes and problem solving skills;

  • Encourage leadership and creativity in teachers, administrators and students;

  • Support programs that impact a significant number of students;

  • Encourages cross-school, cross-grade, and cross cultural collaboration;

  • Encourages collaboration among teachers, administrators, parents, and community to benefit the Dudley-Charlton public schools;

  • Support programs that provide future opportunities for students.


Grant applicants should consider the following when completing their grant application:

  • Is your project creative, innovative and reflective of current educational research?

  • Does the project complement the curriculum goals of the Dudley-Charlton Public Schools?

  • Are the goals, outcomes, and activities of the project clearly stated with adequate detail?

  • Will the project provide a measurable and positive impact to students?

  • Is the project suitable for replication in the school system?

  • Are the budget items reasonable and explained in adequate detail?

  • Does the dissemination method and/or evaluation mechanism adequately assess the success of the project?

  • Is the depth of the proposal sound and have potential for impact?


The application may be downloaded by clicking on the link to the left.