What Can Be Funded?

  • Equipment, supplies, and materials necessary for implementation. All equipment purchased with DCEF grant funds becomes the property of the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District.

  • Services and fees

  • Training, if required, for implementation of the project

  • Teacher Stipends


What Cannot Be Funded?

  • Scholarships

  • Sales Tax (the DECF will provide you with a tax-exempt I.D. number in order to purchase materials)

Grant Criteria


Goals of the DCEF Grant Program

  • To encourage and support innovative projects in teaching and learning that are consistent with district goals and that go beyond the scope of the regular school budget

  • To provide students with learning experiences that encourage creative thought processes and problem solving skills

  • To encourage leadership and creativity in teachers, administrators and students

  • To support programs that impact a significant number of students

  • To encourage cross-school, cross-grade, and cross cultural collaboration

  • To encourage collaboration among teachers, administrators, parents, and community to benefit the Dudley-Charlton public schools

  • To support programs that provide future opportunities for students


DCEF grants are not intended to replace or relieve existing responsibility for public funding, nor are they intended to substitute for normal budget growth and maintenance. All grant applications must have the signature of the building principal, attesting that there is no alternate funding source for the proposed grant.


Grant review process

The DCEF Grants Review Committee consists of DCEF Board of Directors members. The Review Committee will closely review each application according to the criteria stated above. After an extensive review of all applications, the Review Committee will present its recommendation to the DCEF Board of Directors, who will vote to award the grants.


DCEF evaluation for grant proposals

Is this project creative, innovative and reflective of current educational research?

Does the project complement the curriculum goals of the Dudley-Charlton Public Schools

Are the goals, outcomes, and activities of the project clearly stated with adequate detail?

Will the project provide a measurable and positive impact to students?

Is the project suitable for replication in the school system?

Are the budget items reasonable and explained in adequate detail?

Does the dissemination method and/or evaluation mechanism adequately assess the success of the project?

Is the depth of the proposal sound and have potential for impact?


Duration of Funding

Once a grant has been awarded, the DCEF will provide no additional funds for that project. Grant recipients must spend DCEF funds by the end of the school year unless otherwise stipulated in the grant application.


Change in scope of project expenditure of grant funds

Successful grant recipients must seek approval from the DCEF for any changes in the implementation or scope of the project. Any and all unused funds must be returned to the DCEF by the earlier date of 30 days from close of   project or June 1.


Grant publicity

Successful grant recipients are expected to assist the DCEF in publicizing their projects to parents, teachers and the community. Grant recipients will encourage replication of the project by sharing outcomes with peers and by presenting at the DCEF Annual Event.


When issuing statements and/or press releases describing the project, and when presenting the results of the grant in any public forum, grant recipients are required to include the following information: “This project is made possible (in whole or in part) by a grant from the Dudley-Charlton Education Foundation Inc.”